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C. A. W. Pratt alias Shotayo Adeyemi


Roland C. Nathaniels


Mr. George Williams Aingo from Cape Coast Castle has
recorded for “Zonophone” by the new electrical recording
process the under mentioned fine selection of records.
In certain cases Mr. Aingo was able to secure the assistance
of a chorus, and this together with other musical effects
has considerably enhanced the value of the records.
Zonophone flyer 1927

NicolasDeHeerNicholas De Heer

CharlesAllenCharles Allen


Mr. Harry Eben Quashie, a member of a well-known family
(of the house of the late chief Ampofo) and a native of Mampong (Akuapem),
has made by the new electrical process the undermentioned records.
These records of traditional, sentimental, and religious interest
are excellently recorded and should be heard by all Fanti and Twi
speaking people to whom they will make a great appeal.
Zonophone flyer 1927

John H. S. Ahuma


T. K. Browne

Nana Sir Ofori Atta

Edmund Tagoe & Frank Essien


The Gold Coast Quartet

L to R: Sitting, Miss Williams, Mr. Nathaniels, the producer, and conductor;
and Miss Santana. Standing, Mr. Quashie, Mr. De Heer, Miss Gupta and Mr. Browne.


Here is a list of Yoruba songs well sung by Mr. S. A. Bajulai, accompanied
by guitar and banjo, and in some instances a chorus as well.
Zonophone flyer 1929

When you have heard these Yoruba records by Mr. James Godonu
you will agree that they are some of the most interesting that we have offered.
Mr. Godonu has a voice which is powerful, expressive, and rich in quality
and the chorus accompaniment is well in keeping with the spirit of the songs.
Zonophone flyer 1929

The West African Instrumental Quintet

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