Zonophone E.Z. 268-273, 391-396, 433-441 & 536-537

78 rpm 10-inch / 25 cm shellac (Single Play) discs
Numbers starting with “X” are Zonophone side numbers
Matrix numbers in [square brackets]

Zonophone E.Z. 268
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. YA BINYO BA DUBE (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42675 [Yy14272-1] {-08-1928}
  2. JEZU NYU TA A JAI (Mason) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42676 [Yy14273-1] {-08-1928}

Zonophone E.Z. 269
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. A BATU BESE BE O WASI (Franc) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) [X-5-42677] {-08-1928}
  2. O NAMSE MBA A JEZU (Jones) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) [X-5-42678] {-08-1928}

Zonophone E.Z. 270
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. A LOBA SIB ASI Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42679 [Yy14276-1] {-08-1928}
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42680 [Yy14277-1] {-08-1928}

Zonophone E.Z. 271
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. NU NYI BOLI DIKALI (Pleyel) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42681 [Yy14438-1] {-09-1928}
  2. SANGO A BOLLE PUMBWA (Gauntlet) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42682 [Yy14439-1] {-09-1928}

Zonophone E.Z. 272
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. DIERE MBA YEHOVA (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42683 [Yy14440-1] {-09-1928}
  2. NA A POINO (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42684 [Yy14441-1] {-09-1928}

Zonophone E.Z. 273
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. A MOONGISERI ASU (Doane) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42685 [Yy14442-2] {-09-1928}
  2. BOLA BULU E BEBE (Mason) Duala
    (Hymn with organ) X-5-42686 [Yy14443-1] {-09-1928}

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Zonophone E.Z. 391
James Barnecus

  1. BULU BA PI, BA BASANGI (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with bell) X-5-42978 [Yy15686-1] {-01-1929}
  2. NGONDERI YA YERUSALEM (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with bell) X-5-42979 [Yy15687-1] {-01-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 392
James Barnecus

  1. BONAM BO BE NA BINYO (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with bell) X-5-42980 [Yy15688-1] {-01-1929}
  2. NJE LA TEMNO ESO SOMBE (Traditional) Duala
    (Hymn with bell) X-5-42981 [Yy15690-1] {-01-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 393
James Barnecus

  1. NJOE ADINYANGO (Traditional) Duala
    (Song with chorus and tambourine) X-5-42982 [Yy15691-1] {-01-1929}
  2. NDOLO DIMALA NDE WE (Traditional) Duala
    (Song with chorus, castanets and tambourine) X-5-42983 [Yy15693-1] {-01-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 394
James Barnecus

  1. MONGELE TE NDOLAM (Traditional) Duala
    (Song with chorus and tambourine) X-5-42984 [Yy15694-1] {-01-1929}
  2. A NJO O HO O HO (Traditional) Duala
    (Song with chorus and tambourine) X-5-42985 [Yy15695-1] {-01-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 395
James Barnecus

  1. NJE YE WENGE (Traditional) Duala
    (Song with chorus and tambourine) X-5-42986 [Yy15696-1] {-01-1929}
  2. YA TE SENGA NENI BELE (Traditional) Duala
    (Song with chorus and tambourine) X-5-42987 [Yy15697-1] {-01-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 396
James Barnecus

  1. NDOLAM NA MARTA (Traditional) Duala
    (Lecture unaccompanied) X-41257 [Yy15698-1] {-01-1929}
  2. SEMBO NA KEMA (Traditional) Duala
    (Lecture unaccompanied) X-41258 [Yy15699-1] {-01-1929}

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Zonophone E.Z. 433
Engelei Dominifoel

  1. MAMA MOSI ZINA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42081 [Yy15762-2] {14-02-1929}
  2. BALA BALA KA BANA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42082 [Yy15765-1] {14-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 434
Engelei Dominifoel

  1. TATA, KI TOKA MPA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42083 [Yy15763-2] {14-02-1929}
  2. MAMA MOSIKI (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42084 [Yy15764-1] {14-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 435
Engelei Dominifoel

  1. TATA MOSI KITOKO (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42085 [Yy15766-1] {14-02-1929}
  2. MAMA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42086 [Yy15767-2] {14-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 436
Engelei Dominifoel

  1. HODA WAZA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42087 [Yy15768-1] {14-02-1929}
  2. BABA YA NGO CONGO (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42088 [Yy15769-1] {14-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 437
Engelei Dominifoel

  1. IYOYOLE (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42089 [Yy15770-1] {14-02-1929}
  2. IKA KALEYA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42090 [Yy15771-1] {14-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 438
Engelei Dominifoel

  1. BOKELA WA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42091 [Yy15772-1] {14-02-1929}
  2. BAT-UTA LOSO (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42092 [Yy15773-2] {14-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 439
Davis Doaquel

  1. IDUBA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus, drum and castanets) X-6-42093 [Yy16052-1] {25-02-1929}
  2. KI BO BA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42094 [Yy16053-1] {25-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 440
Davis Doaquel

  1. KA KOLAKO (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus and drum) X-6-42095 [Yy16054-1] {25-02-1929}
  2. ISA BI (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus unaccompanied) X-6-42096 [Yy16055-1] {25-02-1929}

Zonophone E.Z. 441
Davis Doaquel

  1. MO ANA MODANDI (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus and castanets) X-6-42097 [Yy16056-1] {25-02-1929}
  2. MAMA (Traditional) Congo
    (Song with chorus and castanets) X-6-42098 [Yy16057-1] {25-02-1929}

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Zonophone E.Z. 536
Roland C. Nathaniels

    (Song with clarionet, guitar, cymbals and castanets) 30-3216 [Yy19049-1] {20-03-1930}
    (Song with clarionet, guitar, cymbals and castanets) 30-3217 [Yy19050-1] {20-03-1930}

Zonophone E.Z. 537
Roland C. Nathaniels

  1. HIGH LIFE Duala
    (Song with piano, clarionet, guitar, cymbals and castanets) 30-3218 [Yy19051-2] {20-03-1930}
  2. WALTZ DUALA Duala
    (Song with piano, clarionet, guitar, cymbals and castanets) 30-3219 [Yy19052-2] {20-03-1930)

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